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Relax and Glow Customized Facial Treatment

A facial to get your skin cleansed, treated, hydrated and glowing. All facials booked are customized to your skin type, skin issues and skin concerns. The relax and glow facial treatments include complimentary dermaplaning and a light glycolic peel based on your skin needs.
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CAD$150.00 1 hr 30 mins

RF Tighten, Relax and Glow Facial Treatment

A customized facial to get your skin clean, healthy and hydrated, this treatment includes Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening of the neck, lower face and jowl areas, also some lifting of the cheek area. RF is recommended bi-weekly for best results. For those, that book this facial further RF sessions that are pre-booked following this appointment are discounted to $125 after this first initial appointment and include an express facial treatment. Dermaplaning is included as well as a light glycolic peel based on your skin type.
CAD$200.00 1 hr 45 mins

Acne Facial Treatment

This facial is for those who are looking for help managing their hormonal acne. Products used in this protocol are specifically formulated to heal inflammation and deeply cleanse the skin and help manage future breakouts. Modalities include high frequency, blue LED light therapy and plasma microcurrents all modalities will be customized to the needs of the client. Dermaplaning is included if the acne is not inflamed or active at the time of treatment. Purges are possible after any and all Acne treatments they are not harmful and sometimes necessary depending on the condition of the skin.
CAD$150.00 1 hr 45 mins

Teen Clean Facial

A facial to help those 12-17 years old get their skin deeply cleansed, healthy and hydrated, this facial will help address and manage hormonal acne and/or skin concerns and help get you started on a skincare routine.
CAD$75.00 1 hr 30 mins

Men Need Facials Too!

This relaxing facial treatment is specifically made for men. A deep cleanse, steam, and extractions if needed. This facial treatment will get your skin healthy and hydrated. This includes a beard or facial hair deep cleanse as well.
CAD$150.00 1 hr 15 mins

Back Facial Glow Up

Just in time for summer! Get your back hydrated and glowing. This back facial includes a deep enzyme cleanse, steam, exfoliation, and extractions if needed, followed by a hydrojelly mask customized to your skin concerns and skin needs and deep hydrating massage cream. This service is for men or women.
CAD$110.00 1 hr 15 mins

Laser Hair Removal

With new technology in laser skin care, Lasers are virtually painless. Depending on skin type, hair density 6-10 sessions 6 weeks apart will remove leave you with silky smooth skin and hair free. A consultation is required before any treatment can be performed, the consult and treatment can be the same appointment, this is to determine the success and safety for each client. $125 per area with the exception of underarms which are $75 on their own or complimentary with any area treated. No more painful waxing, sugaring or ingrown hairs once the treatments are completed.
CAD$125.00 1 hr

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL is an intense pulse light treatment to rejuvenate your skin. IPL treatments can help heal and manage: Acne, Pigmentation, Inflammation and Redness, Broken Capillaries on the face. IPL also can rejuvenate your hands by removing age spots and dullness and promoting cell renewal. A consultation is required before any IPL services will be performed, the consultation and treatment can be scheduled at the same appointment.
CAD$110.00 1 hr

RF, Cavitation and Laser Lipolysis Body Treatments

Radio Frequency and Cavitation treatments are to help tighten and lift the skin as well as reducing fat in troubled areas including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms. Multiple treatments two weeks apart are recommended for best results. Results will vary per person and this treatment is meant for those working on a healthy lifestyle. All shapes and sizes are welcomed. A consultation is required before treatments to ensure there are no contraindications and for your safety. The consultation and treatment can be the same appointment. $125 per body area.
CAD$125.00 1 hr 30 mins

Pressotherapy  Massage Treatment

Pressotherapy is a machine that is equal to three manual lymphatic massages. It is a pressurized suit wrapped around the legs, arms and abdominal area for 30 minutes per session. This is a great treatment to heal inflammation in the body, providing pain relief for some and eliminating stored toxins in the body. This treatment can be done weekly and packages are available at a discounted price if purchased. Pressotherapy can be added to any treatments offered at Studio SoCal at a discounted rate of $50 as an add-on.
CAD$100.00 45 mins

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